here is an extract from the book

"Up until this point, I’d been a fighter for every cause known to man. I’d walked in peace rallies, anti-war protests. Give me an injustice and I’d lead from the front. But my own fight? Now that was a different story. I’d hoped someone would step up for me. But if you act like you’re in control and coping, why would anyone do that? Being strong day in day out was something I’d spent years perfecting. But cancer was to challenge this to the core. Would I be strong enough to control it, or would it control me? I was about to enter the unknown


Now as i sit on this beautiful greek beach with its warm waters lapping around my feet, miles from home, miles from anyone, miles from everyone i love, i am in a good place. i am alone but not lonely. This is the final carriage in the roller coaster; to remove all the buffers of life and still be OK in the moment, in you now.

An excerpt recorded at Book launch.

A reading from the first few pages of "Angels under my Bed" 

I hope it will help & inspire those struggling with their own cancer journey. 


Book published 11.11.11 .... the day of the Angels!