I absolutely loved your book , emotional fun and an amazing read ! A few tears I must admit . My dads from Castlewellan so it was a nice memory to read about the mourne mountains too ! My cousin is a keen walker and so just ordered it for her birthday gift , will definitely be recommending it. Debi

Thanks for a wonderful tribute to Carol Anns late father.I had tears in my eyes at times as I read her book,and have told anyone who will listen to read it. Philip

Just finished your book, it's a treasure for any new Camino, I will bring it with me on my journey. It's a book filled with tears and laughter and a wonderful sence of humour. I had many connections with you on your path eventhough I have not yet begun my Camino? Or maybe I have? You are a woman of substance and an inspiration for many a woman scared or even terrified of being alone to face her fears. Christine

This is a story of two journeys. The one, the camino, I feel I have travelled in step with Carol Ann from France to the western ocean. The other, the spiritual journey, I have observed from a distance since nobody can really understand the true sense of loss as experienced by another. I have seen the elation as she reaches Santiago and awaits her scroll and has the weight of loss lifted.
This is a charming book that gives practical advice on the journey, insights into Carol Ann's personality and could persuade somebody even as old as I to do a Camino. I look forward to reading another of her stories and thank her for this one. John